The Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan of the Central Valley Retiree Medical Trust was established January 1st, 2002 by the Deputy Sheriffs Association of Stanislaus County.

The Trust is an employee benefits trust designed to provide financial support during your retirement, in the form of payment toward retiree medical costs. Since that time, many other public sector employee associations have joined the Trust. Your Association has negotiated a contribution into this Trust; specific language can be found in your Memorandum of Understanding. By negotiating a contribution to the Trust, your Association is proactively planning for your retirement by pre-funding continually increasing retiree medical costs.

The Trust is highly tax-favored: The contributions are made with pre-tax dollars and the Trust earnings are not taxable. After retirement, participants will be reimbursed tax-free for covered medical expenses and health insurance premiums.


Matthew Pettus, Chairman
Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriffs Association

Juan Alanis, Trustee
Stanislaus County Sheriffs Supervisor Association

Mike Avila, Trustee
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District

Gerard Hilgart, Trustee
Stanislaus District Attorneys Investigators Association

Jonathan Gingerich, Trustee
Stanislaus Sworn Deputy Association

Matthew Ponce, Trustee
Modesto Police Officers Association

Jesse Miguel, Trustee
Modesto City Firefighters Assoc. IAFF Local 1289